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TAMAZ is a leading water engineering company that manufactures and markets high technology water purification equipment . The company offers the widest selection of water treatment systems and allied products that meet the most complex water conditions.

Our Systems are designed with the user in mind and built to the highest quality standard using renowned brand name components. The Systems treat municipal surface, well and borehole water.

The engineering expertise of the technical staff gives TAMAZ the unique advantage in offering quality after - sales service and maintenance.

We are also in the forefront of providing opportunities in empowering Nigerians through our network systems that is well nurtured and articulated

Tamaz Nig is well groomed and has stood the test of time, our strength comes from our challenges we have overcome and Goals that seemed insumountable levelled and relegated to the background.

It is on this backdrop that we present TAMAZ NIG, a company of repute, taste and class.


Shell Petroleum and Development Company (SPDC) ------------------------------------------------

University of Lagos – Unilag water ------------------------------------------------

Maria Water, Benin City ------------------------------------------------

Marian Water, Calabar ------------------------------------------------

Ducon Water, Calabar ------------------------------------------------

Blue Rose Water, Calabar

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